Price list for cheap US shipping

Ship to the US cheaply at TPHCM, the latest price list, saving up to 30%. Many deals for new guests. Get fast goods in the US. Free packaging, 100% compensation of order value if there is an error.

Currently the demand for shipments to the US is increasing, be it for relatives or for delivery to business and business. Whatever your purpose, it doesn’t matter. It is important that you send out any items, how much. Because these two factors decided to go to the price list for cheap US shipments at Luxury Express.

– Items sent to the US:

Ship to the US how much money depends on the goods you want to send. You send bulky or compact goods, goods that are easy to transport or difficult, or goods that are easy to customs clearance or need strict control,… Those are the factors that determine whether or not the price to send to the US is cheap.

Of course, they are not too different, but Luxury Express still has to rely on it to set a fee to suit each customer.

For example, for customers who ship items through the US with easy-to-shop, compact items, etc. the rates will be lower than those of bulky orders, or controlled when via customs ( or called nôm as difficult goods to go ).

– Quantity of goods ( multiple or less ):

At the US Luxury Express freight service, US shipping charges are preferred to bulk shipping customers. The large number here can be heavyweight or multiple blocks. For the heavier orders, the more freight sent to the US will be reduced. Depending on the level specified, according to the company’s policy.

Those are the two main factors that come to the decision about freight rates to the US at Luxury Express. Therefore, before you want to know about the quotation, users need to declare the order nature to Luxury Express.

For example, my order is 2 kilograms, the item is clothes … then the quote will take place faster and simpler. Guests are also more secure, as all shipping rates to the US are publicly transparent.

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