Send goods to Malaysia cheaply

Receive cheap shipping to Malaysia from only 45K/kg ( price 10/2022), unlimited quantity, nature of the goods sent. What’s more, fast flight time, easy procedures and extremely reasonable costs.

Currently, in the Vietnamese market, many international shipping companies offer the introduction of shipping services to Malaysia to meet the needs of consumers. In it, Luxury Express is a leading professional and prestigious company.

With over 10 years of experience, we are confident to be able to meet all your shipping and shipping needs. Therefore, Luxury Express will certainly be a worthwhile choice “ coins, rice bowls ” for those who need to ship goods to Malaysia.

The reason you should choose to ship di Malaysia at Luxury Express:

During its lifetime, Luxury Express constantly accumulates experience and improves its shipping service to Malaysia. Therefore, we receive credibility and become a prestigious partner of thousands of customers from individual to business.

– Professional services:

Luxury Express trains professional and dedicated customer care staff at work. We are ready to respond and consult our customers’ questions regarding shipping of Malaysian goods for free. In particular, operating 24/7, you can contact Luxury Express whenever needed, including Sundays and holidays.

– Save time:

With the service of shipping to Malaysia at Luxury Express, all shipping stages will be directly performed by our staff. Moreover, with a flexible Malaysian shipping service package and a thicker of international shipping experience, we are committed to your order being shipped, Send to the correct address, on time expected.

Diverse shipping items:

Luxury Express consignments to Malaysia do not limit the quantity, items, … ( except prohibited items, items that violate the law ). In particular, with the order status check utility through the website of Luxury Express, the customer can be flexible in tracking his orders.

– Cargo insurance:

The risks in international shipping are unavoidable and that is also something that many customers use the service to worry about. At Luxury Express, you can be completely assured because we offer a clear and transparent cargo insurance policy, up to 100% of the order value. This is a commitment to protect the interests of customers while minimizing the losses to your order during transit.

– Cost savings:

Cheap shipping to Malaysia is always a top priority for service users. Understand that, and at the same time wish to assist customers in saving goods, Luxury Express provides services with competitive rates and offers. In particular, customers send as much as they save.

Papers and procedures gĐiệni goods to Malaysia

When guests in need want to ship goods from Vietnam to Malaysia through Luxury Express, the following documents and procedures should be prepared:

Identity card

We need customer identity card to contact in case something goes wrong with your order. Guests can use the original identity card, photo version, or identity card image.

Information and address of the recipient as well as shipper to Malaysia

In the event of any errors, we need to contact the recipient or sender to promptly resolve the issue the guest is experiencing. Therefore, the recipient-sender information and address needs to be 100% accurate%.

Prepare orders

Orders that guests prepare to ship to Malaysia need to ensure two factors: not violating the provisions of state law, Do not violate the regulations of the shipping industry by sea, or by air.

Besides, documents from other procedures customers will not need to be prepared that Luxury Express company staff will directly support the guidance and help the customer refund All procedures, fast rows.

Procedure gĐiệni goods to Malaysia at Luxury Express

Present, The delivery procedure to Malaysia at Luxury Express has been simplified to the maximum to ensure convenience and ease of use for all customer subjects. If there is a need to use our service, the guest will take the following steps:

– Step 1: Contact shipping to Malaysia at Luxury Express

To receive requests and free advice on shipping services to Malaysia, Please contact Luxury Express via hotline 09 01 01 86 86 or email

– Step 2: Ship to Luxury Express warehouse

After agreeing with the terms and fees sent to Malaysia at Luxury Express, the customer prepares the goods to be sent. Our staff will arrive at the place to receive goods or quarters of guests who can bring goods directly to the Luxury Express office at 34 Nguyen Hidden, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, TPHCM. When we receive the goods, the customer please pay the service fee.

– Step 3: Check-in procedures for shipping to Malaysia

Luxury Express will carry out procedures for transporting goods to Malaysia and delivering as required after the quarter has completed payment.

– Step 4: Ship goods Via Malaysia

After the goods arrive in Malaysia and the delivery is successful, Luxury Express will contact the guest to inform and thank you for using our service.

Get gĐiệni the following items go to Malaysia:

With over a decade of operation, Luxury Express has supported the successful delivery of orders from thousands of partners from individuals to businesses. With the service of shipping to Malaysia at Luxury Express, except for prohibited items, items that violate the law, the customer can send the following items:

– Documents: including letters, papers, records,…

– Electronic devices: including computers, phones, camcorders, music players, movie projectors, home audio systems, studio audio systems, musical instruments,…

– Personal items: including clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories,…

– Food: including rice, cassava, corn, dry food, frozen goods,…

– Other items: including souvenirs, antiques, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, powders, liquids, etc,…

Time gĐiệni goods to Malaysia

To avoid a bad job, when shipping to Malaysia you need to calculate the exact number of shipping days until the goods are received. Usually, fast is the top priority for many service users, especially during the period of service of transporting goods to Malaysia sprouting like mushrooms after the current rain.

At Luxury Express, we take about 3 – 5 days ( excluding holidays and holidays) to ship goods to Malaysia. Especially, with the thickness of experience in the shipping industry, Luxury Express is capable of resolving any procedural or transient issues quickly and thoroughly. We commit your order will be delivered as the scheduled time.

Method gĐiệni goods to Malaysia at Luxury Express

Currently, the mode of shipping of Malaysia is very diverse. In particular, air transport is considered the most modern, safe and modern mode of lead. Moreover, with security barriers at airports, goods will be guaranteed maximum safety for users.

Therefore, Luxury Express offers a wide range of cargo service packages to Malaysia by air such as express delivery, send savings – cheap to meet all transfer and deposit needs of the quarter.

However, the faster the transportation service will be more cost-effective. Therefore, service users need to consider the type of product to submit, time as well as financial capacity to make the most appropriate and effective choice.

How to charge gĐiệni goods to Malaysia

The cost of sending goods from Vietnam to Malaysia needs to be based on a variety of factors. In particular, the type of goods and weight, weight, size of the consignment will be the deciding factor for the most specific cost. At Luxury Express, we will rely on the following to provide a specific, reasonable price list for shipping to Malaysia on a single basis by the visitor:

Classification of goods to calculate shipping costs

Each type of goods sent will be of a different nature, there are fragile shippers, special goods, there are compact, bulky shippers, or regular goods. Because the nature of each consignment is different, the delivery procedure is also different, so the shipping cost will not be the same.

With compact orders, the regular row costs less than the rest. In particular, sensitive goods, difficult goods to send to Malaysia will have higher charges than normal goods.

Form of shipping to Malaysia

At Luxury Express, Guest Guests can ship goods from Vietnam to Malaysia in two basic and easy forms:

  • Cheap sea freight; with the form of sending goods from Vietnam to Malaysia by sea will have a lower cost, suitable for those with large volume shipping business needs.
  • Airway, easy delivery procedure: The cost of shipping via air will be higher than that of sea. However, the benefit that the recipient receives is the easy delivery procedure and the quick delivery time.

Based on the form of shipping from Vietnam to Malaysia and sea or air, we will have different cost calculations, Suitable for each customer order.

Weight size of goods

For orders under 500g we will round up to 500g to calculate shipping costs to Malaysia. As for orders larger than 500g will measure the size of the carton including: length, width and height. The formula for calculating and modifying the weight from bulky goods to calculate the shipping cost is: length * width * height and division 5000.

The result will be the number applied to the shipping price list at Luxury Express. This price list is likely to change from time to time, and there is a slight difference to bulk orders. The guest should be consulted, please contact the Luxury Express staff for a quote, direct support.

Specific examples of shipping costs to Malaysia:

A carton of customers sent to Malaysia is a dry food with an actual weight of 20 kg. But after applying the formula for calculating bulky goods, the result gives number 25. So the number of kilograms applied to the price list sent to Malaysia through Luxury Express is 25, not 20.

Promotion of shipping rates to Malaysia at Luxury Express

To help customers save costs and increase profits on orders sent to business, our company is down 10% on the total cost of guests to pay. Each customer order sends the lowest cost from only 45,000đ/kg. In addition, for orders that first use the shipping service to Malaysia at Luxury Express will be reduced by 10% or have incentives, Private policy to support.

The program is subject to change and flexibility from time to time, customers please contact us via the following form for best support.

Price list gĐiệni goods to Malaysia at Luxury Express

Freight rates across Malaysia are one of the issues that service users are most concerned about. At Luxury Express, to ensure the rights of our customers, we provide a clear, detailed and transparent shipping policy across Malaysia. The following is a specific Malaysia shipping price list at Luxury Express for the quarter guests to refer to:


There will be separate shipping surcharges for cosmetic, liquid, chemical and electronic items.

There will be a separate freight formula for some bulky, oversized, area items. The row is considered bulky if the result ( length x width x height )/5000 is greater than the actual weight ( The unit of measurement of dimensions in cm).

For answers to all questions regarding the price list sent to Malaysia in particular and the service sent to Malaysia in general, Please contact hotline 09 01 01 86 86 or email for assistance and advice.

How to pack goods gĐiệni go to Malaysia

Packing of goods when customers ship from Malaysia to Vietnam will depend on many factors. Because this is an extremely important stitch, which determines the safety of the order when it reaches the recipient, It is so at Luxury Express we will pack completely free for customers. The packaging rules are as follows:

– Shipment usually to Malaysia:

The row will usually be easy to go, easy to move and have few bumps, as well as errors or problems during the move. So the simplest way is to close the carton, put the goods in a container, then stick it tightly with an external adhesive tape.

– Fragile delivery to Malaysia

With fragile orders, the packaging is extremely careful and detailed, to ensure the goods reach the recipient with absolute safety. We will recommend customers who pack with foam containers that are sucked outside, or pack wooden crates through packaging services.

– Shiping food to Malaysia will be vacuumed for free:

To save on packaging area and extend the shelf life of food, Our company will free vacuum service for all guest orders if needed.

Packing stitching needs to be closed to the standards of the airline or shipping industry by sea. Packing will quickly be safer and more convenient if the packer has experience in packaging knowledge.

The Luxury Express company staff is fully full of these elements, especially with additional support tools at the warehouse to ensure that the packaging is as safe and secure as possible.

Service commitment gĐiệni goods to Malaysia of Luxury Express

As one of the most prestigious, professional and guaranteed overseas consignments, we are committed to our customers the following:

Goods to the recipient’s safety

When the goods are discharged from Vietnam at warehouses in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, the goods will be delivered to the safe recipient in Malaysia. It is possible that the goods are paid at the warehouse, home or at the door.

Safety here means that the goods are delivered in the right quality and quantity as received in the area in Vietnam.

Goods to Malaysia are exactly the same time as expected

The time of delivery in Malaysia can be from 2 to 5 business days for the form of shipment to Malaysia by air, and 5 to 7 working days for shipping is sea. Although it is the expected time, we always try our best to make the expected time become the actual time that customers receive.

Indemnify if an error occurs

Upon receipt of goods in Malaysia, if the customer’s order occurs any problems, such as defective goods, incorrect aviation, Damaged goods will be compensated and solve the problem quickly and reasonably.

Compensation costs range from 50 to 100% based on the invoice declaration that guests declare in the customs area in Vietnam.

Support from A to Z

When customers ship to Malaysia through Luxury Express, there will be online and offline support staff. As such, guests will feel the professionalism of shipping through Luxury Express.

The employee will address any customer questions or questions related to shipping and shipping services.

All customers have free utility use at Luxury Express

Our company has many free utilities such as: free packaging, free vacuum, free advice, support to pick up, support home delivery. All customers, whether retail or large, apply the utilities offered by Luxury Express.

Tip gĐiệni goods to Malaysia save

For orders sent to Malaysia for business purposes, some of these tips will be needed to save costs, helping to increase profits.

Increase the number of goods sent to Malaysia

Under the preferential policy at Luxury Express, we will support customers who send bulk from Vietnam to Malaysia. The lowest cost from the present time is 45 thousand VND per kg. The bigger the goods are, the more the cost is favored.

Select easy-to-show goods to save money

The shipping fee from Vietnam to Singapore will be based on the nature of the goods, the easier it is to send, the lower the cost, helping the sender save on shipping. For some regular rows, the goods are compact, the cost will be lower than bulky or special goods.

Choose the form of shipping to Malaysia

Luxury Express has two forms of transportation: either sea or air, sea will cost less than air. If you do not need to fold the cargo, choose the shipping form by sea to save costs.

In addition to the above tips, you can save on shipping from Vietnam to Malaysia by going to the warehouse by yourself to ship, or go to the warehouse by yourself to pick up the goods. Thus will cut down on fees incurred during the delivery and delivery process.

Demand gĐiệni goods to Malaysia

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is known as a country with a thriving economy in recent years. It is this that many people have chosen this country as the ideal settlement destination. In it, Vietnamese people living and working in Malaysia are increasingly crowded. As a result, the demand for freight to Malaysia to serve the needs of relatives and the Vietnamese community is growing.

Moreover, with globalization, economic integration and trade freedom, shipping to Malaysia also meets business and trade needs. Because the country is currently Vietnam’s 6th largest trading partner in the world and Vietnam’s second largest trading partner in the ASEAN bloc. In particular, there are many advantages of Vietnamese goods business due to the strong and stable development of the economy.

As such, the need to use the shipping service to Malaysia is becoming increasingly common. In it, Ho Chi Minh – is the most populous city in the country, leading the need to use shipping services to Malaysia.

Frequently asked questions when gĐiệni goods to Malaysia

Since the establishment of development and expansion of shipping services to Malaysia in particular and international delivery in general, a lot of questions have been received from customers namely:

What items are allowed to ship to Malaysia?

Because the diverse form of consignment is sea and air, the goods sent from Vietnam to Malaysia are also very diverse. Guests send all goods suitable for sea and air. Goods such as food, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, fashion goods, personal consumption goods, Household goods and many other items are constantly being sent by sea and by air safely and quickly.

Which items are not allowed to ship to Malaysia?

Certain types of goods are prohibited from sending to Malaysia by sea or air in accordance with its regulations, of the shipping industry. For example, alcohol-containing goods, liquid-containing goods … will not be sent.

Or certain goods prohibited under the laws of Vietnam and Malaysia such as: products containing stimulants, addictive substances, or weapons and bombs affecting the economy and politics of the two nations.

How to know when the goods arrive in Malaysia?

When the paperwork is complete, the order is released, The employee will provide an ID code and instruct the customer to check the order to know before the goods arrive, and how the goods are.

How do goods sent to Malaysia be stocked by the cargo?

If the customer’s order is not in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Guests can use the following ways to make it easy for goods to be in our company’s warehouse:

  • Use domestic shipping services of companies like courier, economical delivery.
  • Use the delivery service of traditional Vietnamese post offices.
  • Ship by car branch, goods to the dock will have staff.
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