Price list for cheap Australian shipping – 100% insurance%

Price list for cheap, preferential Australian shipping in 2022, season support. In addition, the company insures 100% of the order, receiving the goods after only 5 working days.

Currently there are many Vietnamese people who need to ship to Australia for a variety of purposes. Last time customers used a shipping service to Australia at Luxury Express with a shipment of soccer clothing, for reasons only

“ The clothes that side sew but are not at their disposal, and there is no Vietnamese logo, meanwhile, The people in the champagne team are mostly Vietnamese so they want to put their luck in the country, then use the shipping service to Australia. In addition, that side garment is quite expensive, if buying the available type is a bit cheaper, but still more expensive than when laying sewing in Vietnam.”

In addition to cost savings, many freight carriers travel to Australia for a variety of purposes such as:

– Send food to relatives and friends of Australia.

– Send items to Australia for sales, consumption and income.

– Send gifts / bills, papers in cooperation with Australian companies and businesses.

Besides, there are many other purposes to ship to Australia, although each person’s purpose is something that doesn’t matter. It is important that the sender wants to know how to send and price lists to Australia to decide whether or not to send.

2 ways gĐiệni goods to Australia most popular today

Currently, you can transport goods from Vietnam to Australia easily in many different forms. But the two ways below are the most used by many people:

– Ship to Australia by post:

The post office receives freight to countries around the world. However, the post office does not have a specific price list. They only have postage rates sent to Australia on the system and work on the system, the rates are completely listed so the sender doesn’t know the number. Only know how much money when the row is weighed, or measure the size volume.

One more thing, this is the personal experience of sending post offices many years ago by the author of the article “ small bins they also attribute the size, meaning the freight charge is calculated by weight. And we know that, if the goods are sent to Australia by volume, the disadvantage will be the sender, because the applicable fee is quite high.”

With this experience, Luxury Express hopes that readers should carefully consider before choosing to ship to Australia by post. Besides, the goods go slowly, restrict the items sent and the procedure works very slowly, spending a lot of time on the user.

In addition, postal mail delivery will cost you a fee. Hiding waiting time…

– Ship to Australia via Luxury Express shipping service:

Instead of shipping goods via Australia by post, users can now also use cheap Australian shipping service at Luxury Express. As one of the companies specializing in shipping goods abroad, Luxury Express ensures guests will be satisfied using the service.

Not an ad, but the content of the Luxury Express information provided to you in this article is entirely realistic, sided with service users. Shipment from Vietnam to Australia at Luxury Express will commit goods to the recipient quickly, guests are sent a variety of goods, ensuring safe goods, intact when coming to Australia.

As for how to ship goods to Australia there are 2 ways, there is no way you choose to be up to your decision. Luxury Express is only a suggestion for guests through reality, not the intention to defame one service or the other. And all the benefits or damage of transporting goods to Australia are borne by the customer, so careful consideration should be given before making a choice.

Price list gĐiệni cheap Australian goods of Luxury Express

The shipping price to Australia 2022 varies from day to day, so we have not provided customer-specific price lists. Therefore, for details on the price list, readers please contact the Luxury Express staff for the most accurate quote. Usually the price is only from 289k/1kg.

Besides, freight rates to Australia will vary over time, seasonally or according to a variety of factors. Therefore, talking and exchanging directly with Luxury Express staff is the best way to get you the exact price list.

What determines the price list gĐiệni goods to Australia?

When calculating the cost of shipping goods from Vietnam to Australia, any service needs to be profitable. However, before making a profit, the service of sending items to Australia needs to rely on the following factors to decide to the point of charge to the customer.

– Customer items sent:

Luxury Express receives a diverse range of goods from Vietnam to Australia. However, each item you submit will have different fees.


+ Charging by weight of goods ( is applied to compact, ordinary goods ). That is, the line is weighed, then based on the price list to charge the ship through Australia.

+ Charges for bulky orders

– Actual weight = A Sign

– Measuring the volume of goods, the unit of measurement is cm ( applied to bulky orders ). The formula is as follows: (WY x Width x High ): 5000 = B kg

=> Then take result A compared to B, which number is larger will be used as the number of kilograms charged for shipping to Australia.

Note, for items that are easy to transport and customs clearance, shipping to Australia is cheaper than those that are bulky or difficult to send.

– Number of items sent to Australia:

Next is the quantity of goods, Luxury Express applies the formula “ the more consignments / heavy, the lower the charge ”. There are discount deals for traders and business people who want to ship goods to Australia.

And of course, if your order is too small, the charge will be a bit high, but at the general price of the market, ensure customers save money when using shipping services to Australia at Luxury Express.

– Form of shipping to Australia:

Luxury Express transports goods to Australia by sea or by air. But mostly shipping goods to Australia via air helps the recipient quickly get orders in Australia.

If the customer transports in the form of an aircraft ( hand-separated ), the charge will be higher than when shipping Australian goods by sea. It is important that when shipping by airline, the goods arrive at the recipient quickly and safely.

Based on those criteria, which shipping units from Vietnam to Australia in general, Luxury Express in particular will offer specific freight rates to Australia, both beneficial to the business, while ensuring savings for customers.

Cost saving tips gĐiệni cheap goods to Australia

Everyone wants their goods to be shipped quickly, safely at a low cost. The paradox, however, is that the line wants to go fast, the charge is high, and the cost is saved, the goods are slow. This is not really a difficult customer, but this is a freight rule, whether domestic or international, that applies the same.

So what tips do we have to save on shipping costs to Australia?

– Should be packed at home before bringing goods to shipping service to Australia. Packed very carefully and for sure.

The benefits of home packaging are enormous, the first is the cost savings of goods packaging ( the regular post office ), and the second benefit is that you know what goods are like so you will use which packaging saves and minimizes the most weight. There is a new way of saving ship fees, reducing size or weight of goods.

– Large single collection, if collected into a large order, should be used so that ship goods through Australia can save more costs. When shipping to Australia with large orders, the ship fee will be reduced, so that users will save the fee. And large orders are not afraid of losing or losing goods.

– The ultimate saving tip is the choice of shipping to Australia. Analyze and get qualitative nature of the order you submit, it really needs folding or normal.

If you need to fold, you must definitely have a courier by air, and if not more than folding, Of a normal nature, it is advisable to transport Australian goods by sea.

Those are tips to help you ship goods to Australia cheaply, save maximum costs, make shipping to Australia both safe and efficient, just saved money ship.

Procedure gĐiệni cheap goods to Australia

– Step 1: Contact shipping to Australia

Customers contact Luxury Express via hotline 09 0101 8686 to request a use of freight services to Australia.

The guest information to declare: provide the name of the item, what type of goods, name and address of consignee in Australia + name and address of shipper in Vietnam.

– Step 2: Luxury Express quotes

Based on the nature and weight of the goods the customer needs to send to Australia, Luxury Express will send the appropriate quotation. For heavy, bulky or hard-to-show goods, fragile goods, the shipping price to Australia will be calculated separately, different from the rest.

– Step 3: Transport the goods to the Luxury Express warehouse

After agreeing on freight rates to Australia as well as company policies and terms, cargo customers arrive at Luxury Express’s warehouse in Vietnam. Sail 2 main warehouses:

+ Hanoi: House number 10, Tearing 1, Alley 16 Huynh Motivation, Q. Dat Da, Hanoi

+ TPHCM: No. 34 Nguyen Trong Lai, P4, Tan Binh District, HCM TP

Upon receipt of the order at the warehouse, Luxury Express will proceed with the classification of goods and proceed with the shipment through Australia at the request of the customer. You do not need to pre-pack the goods, we will assist with checking, packing the goods sent to Australia on request, avoiding bumps, damage, lost customers’ orders.

– Step 4: Ship in Australia

After 1-2 weeks of work, the order will arrive in Australia ( at the Luxury Express warehouse ). Luxury Express staff in Australia will contact the recipient directly, and the newspaper has arrived. The recipient can then arrange time to pick up the warehouse, or Luxury Express supports the shipment to the door.

Items allowed gĐiệni go to Australia

Through Luxury Express, guests can send a variety of goods to Australia namely the following:

  • Fashion goods: clothing, footwear, jewelry accessories, goods of obvious origin, goods mainly made made in Vietnam.
  • Dry food: junk food, home specialties, non-odor foods like dried seafood, mist-dried rice paper, polycakes, nuts, dried fruit…
  • Cosmetics cosmetic chemistry, makeup, cleanser, body lotion, acne cream…
  • Medicines, functional foods, cosmetics do not contain banned substances according to Australian and Vietnamese regulations.
  • Types of masks such as cloth masks, medical masks, medical instruments.
  • Customers can ship goods to Australia by items such as postage, letters, papers, documents, gifts, memorials, personal belongings.
  • Goods that guests send to Australia can be sample goods, exhibition goods, and company goods sent from Vietnam to Australia for business purposes.

In addition to the items mentioned above, the sender can still send a number of products such as perfumes and wine beers. However, the number is limited. If you want to send cheap goods to Australia for difficult goods to travel, guests need to contact Luxury Express company staff for the best support and advice.

Items not allowed gĐiệni go to Australia

Although guests can ship goods to Australia a variety of products through Luxury Express, In addition, there are still certain types of goods prohibited from dispatch in accordance with the laws and regulations of the air and sea transport industry. If you are intending to ship goods from Vietnam to Australia, you need to eliminate the goods we specify later:

– Creatures, Raw food or wildlife and products related to terrestrial animals will be controlled and not allowed to be sent to Australia.

– Goods containing stimulants, opiates, marijuana, Drugs that affect the health nerves of users are also not allowed to send to Australia.

– Weapons, ammunition, explosives, sword knives, toxic toys are not allowed to be sent to Australia in any way.

– Explosives, toxic substances, radioactive substances, goods that endanger the lives of people.

– Goods are fake, fake goods, Imports not covered by Vietnamese law and Australian law will be prohibited from circulation from one country to another.

– Some rare metals such as gems, silver gold, platinum, are also on the prohibited list.


One of the notes for cheap Australian goods is not allowed to be cheap. These are products containing terrestrial animal meat. For example, chicken, beef, pork, goat meat, dog meat are not sent to Australia. Preparations made from this material are also not sent to Australia.

In addition, eggs and milk are prohibited from sending whether customers are pure or have made a product. As simple as milk coffee can not be sent. You have questions about goods not allowed to be sent to Australia, contact Luxury Express company staff for best support.

How to pack goods gĐiệni go to Australia

About how to pack goods sent to Australia cheaply will depend on the nature of the order, the volume, The weight of the size of the goods will have a suitable packaging to ensure the goods reach the recipient’s safe and most favorable.

In order to safely and securely pack goods sent to Australia, we will take the following basic steps:

Step 1: Carton preparation is new, sturdy, thick, can accommodate a variety of products, or wooden-porous barrels. Besides, there are also extra air or foam, sucking bags. For fragile items, electronics or cosmetics will use a tape that wraps tightly, or use some other device to protect the outer layer, Avoid collisions during migration.

Step 2: Employees will arrange products in boxes from large to small to minimize collision pressure on each other, ensuring safety during travel.

Step 3: When goods are put in a container it needs to be sufficient and complete with size so that they do not bump into each other. If the container is in excess area, the packer will need to give some extra support to ensure the box is filled and the most complete.

Note when packing shipped to Australia

When packaging, employees should be aware of the cargo characteristics and size of the package as well as the specific cargo arrangement as follows:

For commodity characteristics:

Goods have many different characteristics, they need to be classified and sorted, stored separately for each container to ensure during travel.

But if some customers send a desire to send a variety of goods in the same box, we will split up dry items, The row can usually be arranged together.

And fragile glass items, electronics will arrange and pack a separate container, ensuring the packages are safe when the recipient is reached.

Size of the package:

Sue goods packed when shipping to Australia cheaply need to be packed in carton carton with the size of the prescribed airline or road sea rules. Most orders measure size and volume by multiplying the height, width, length divided by 5,000 and giving results to charge shipping.

How to arrange goods:

Safety goods need different arrangement steps, namely small items that will be put in first, Then will come the big carton until the goods are filled. Some types of foam or sucking and other tools will be lined in the barrel to limit impact during travel.

Luxury Express is free of charge for packaging services, we pack our customers’ stock or home when they arrive at home. The staff has many years of experience in packaging and handling various items, making the packaging process easy, Fast and right by the rules.

GĐiệni how long does it take to get to Australia?

Delivery time in Australia will range from 3 to 5 business days for express delivery, by air delivery. Or 5 to 7 working days for shipping by sea. This is the expected time that Luxury Express offers to all customers. However, actual time may be longer or earlier than expected.

Some orders can receive goods after 7 to 10 business days of stocking in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi region. The time of delivery will depend on a lot of factors, including shipping and a number of other objective factors that will determine whether the goods arrive quickly or slowly.

With Luxury Express, we always make sure the order reaches the recipient at the scheduled time, and always support yourself to get the goods to the safe, fastest place.

GĐiệni cheap goods to Australia need to prepare?

Guests with a need to ship goods from Vietnam to Australia through Luxury Express will need to prepare the following:

Prepare goods:

Passenger goods sent to Australia are those that are allowed to be sent through Luxury Express censorship and confirmation, as well as the customs authorities prescribed, the laws of Vietnam and Australia stipulate. Guests only need to prepare the goods, and the packaging can bring the goods to the warehouse for the best support.

Prepare identity card

Guests can bring identity card for convenience in shipping. Original identity card or online shipment you can send photos taken to company employees through Zalo, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook…

Prepare money to pay cheap shipping to Australia:

The freight forwarding from Vietnam to Australia will depend on many factors. Each order will have different personalities and the cost is not the same. Only when the goods are in stock, will the employee do the calculation to give specific numbers for freight and shipping to Australia.

Guests who can transfer money with a Momo account or pay cash are accepted at the Luxury Express company warehouse.

In general, the factors that guests prepare are simple and easy. As for guest papers, procedures, vouchers, Luxury Express employees will assist in completing the shipping and manifesting of goods, For quick stocking, easy clearance.

Courier carriers gĐiệni goods to Australia

Luxury Express receives a diverse courier of goods from Vietnam to Australia. The form of courier has many advantages, namely goods coming to the recipient quickly, shortening the delivery time. Simple paperwork is easy, guests can send a variety of goods, can send a few small post offices or bulk consignments.

As one of the major dealers of airlines specializing in express delivery of goods from Vietnam to Australia, the professional is a professional. We are proud to name the courier companies as the unit with which Luxury Express cooperates:

DHL fast delivery receives safe goods at a cheap cost:

With small orders, we will encourage customers to send them to DHL courier airline. Low cost, fast and safe receipt of goods, guaranteed benefits for the sender.

UPS shipping to Australia is the cheapest:

This is a cheap form of shipping to Australia for large orders, Vietnamese business people in Australia. The larger the number of guests, the lower the cost will be reduced, helping the sender increase profits in business and reduce transportation costs.

FedEx specializes in shipping fake goods, poor quality goods to Australia:

Although the goods are fake, the goods are of poor quality, the unknown origin is not allowed to send water namely Australia. However, you can still circumvent the law and ship it to Australia through the FedEx courier.

Note that, when you partner with Fedex, you will accept “ to be eaten, falling to zero ” Meaning the goods may not reach the recipient. If the airline reaches the recipient, the sender will be the sole responsibility, the airline will not compensate.

Each courier carrier traveling to Australia through the cooperating Luxury Express will have its own advantages, and limitations. Guests can contact the Luxury Express staff directly for advice and guidance on which firm to choose which one is most reputable and guaranteed to cooperate.

Notes when gĐiệni goods to Australia

When shipping to Australia at Luxury Express or post office or any other service, customers should note the following basics. The following notes will make the customer’s order to the recipient in Australia more smooth and favorable.

+ At the procedure stitch, guests need to record the correct information and address of the recipient.

+ For fragile, smelly or preserved orders, guests must note again with Luxury Express staff for more attentive care. Meaning from stitches preserved, shipped or sorted goods, Luxury Express will be more careful for orders of special nature.

+ In addition, customers can track the status of orders through the track code. Shipping schedules for delivery to Australia will be updated regularly so that customers take the initiative in delivery time.

+ Customers need to declare honest goods. The reason is because, first to make Luxury Express easy to clearance, there is no difficulty. The second is because the customer, if a loss occurs, Luxury Express will rely on the customer’s order declaration to compensate for the goods.

Experience gĐiệni goods to Australia cheap

Understanding the experience of shipping from Vietnam to Australia, the sender will save a lot of money, shorten the delivery time and ensure all the highest level benefits.

Use the free packaging service at Luxury Express

Instead of packing yourself at home, bring the goods to the Luxury Express warehouse for the best support. Unqualified packaging will affect the shipment, even the goods will not be allowed to be cleared. The best way is for employees to have knowledge and experience in packaging goods to assist.

Luxury Express supports packaging of goods to Australia or regardless of which country is free of service. Guests can pack with carton, foam or wooden carton, depending on the order nature. Particularly for orders that are fragile, the wood can be packed will be supported by another specialized packaging unit.

Contact Luxury Express through online form before going to the warehouse

To proactively information and save time, senders should contact Luxury Express company staff through online form. When contacting, ask all the questions you are having about our company’s services for a quick, most specific response.

Before preparing the goods, contact the staff to know if your order to be sent is allowed to be sent, What kind of goods are prohibited, what kind of goods allow. Based on that you will shorten the preparation time and your preparation of goods becomes effective.

Increase the number of shipments to Australia to reduce shipping costs

Luxury Express or regardless of shipping company will have a provision to reduce the price of shipments from Vietnam to Australia for bulk orders. The more the goods are sent, the more the cost will be saved. Typically, the company will reduce 10% on large orders, This will help Vietnamese business people in Australia save costs and increase income.

Select the appropriate shipping form

At Luxury Express, we have two forms of cheap Australian shipping including: waterways and airways. Employees will rely on order nature, quantity of goods and customer requirements to suggest and advise the most appropriate form.

For example, a compact order needs folding, sending the form of shipping is aviation. If the goods are many, no need for folding, the appropriate form is sea. Staff will advise and help customers choose the most appropriate, economical and secure shipping form.

Declare the right goods with the truth information

Many customers who do not understand the declaration will affect their rights, so they often ignore or not focus on this issue. However, this is an extremely important factor that affects the interests of customers when customers declare goods true.

Unfortunately the goods happened wrong, If the recipient does not arrive or is damaged on the way of carriage, the order will be compensated at the value declared by the customer. In case, the declarations are not true enough, the compensation policy will also be based on the information the guest has provided.

The best way is to declare the value of goods the status of goods and goods inside 100% true%.

Provide 100% accurate sender and recipient information%

To save on cost and time of delivery, we ask the shipper to provide 100% accurate shipper and consignee information in Australia%. In case we do not contact the consignee, we will contact the shipper for a suitable option.

Based on the experiences that Luxury Express has just suggested, Surely you will have more useful information to make shipping to Australia the easiest, safe and most convenient.

Frequently asked questions when gĐiệni goods to Australia

There are many customers who have never sent goods abroad, namely shipping through Australia. Therefore, there will be a lot of questions – questions that need to be answered. Below are the information, questions and answers from Luxury Express to guests who need to ship to Australia.

Does Luxury Express support the restaurant?

Our company supports up to the customer’s home in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh areas. For these areas employees will use motorbikes or pickups to arrive at the place to pick up customers. When guests are in need, just contact the staff will be supported with dedication, thoughtfulness, quick time arrangements to the restaurant.

What does the door to door delivery service mean?

Means guests will receive goods at the door or at home. Goods delivered directly or ordered in front of the door depending on the situation of covid-19 and the requirements of shippers and consignees in Australia. This is a professional shipping service that saves recipients the cost and time to transfer.

How is the compensation policy of Luxury Express?

For orders that participate in the cheap Australian shipping service package at Luxury Express, the compensation fee will be 100% complete the amount declared by the guest on the customs declaration. 50% refund based on the customs declaration declared by the customer, for customers who do not participate in the insurance package.

When should you join the cargo insurance package?

When orders are sent as high value goods, the goods are easily lost, perishable or easily lost. These orders will be noted and advised by staff to participate in the cargo insurance package, ensuring benefits when an incident occurs.

When errors occur, what does the recipient or sender need to do?

In case of waiting forever that the goods arrive, receive goods on damage, minority quantity – quality, The consignee contact the local shipping unit directly, then request assistance. Company employees in Vietnam receive information and ask the last rower to arrive at the place to resolve and process promptly and promptly.

Which form of delivery to Australia is best suited

Luxury Express has two ways that can help you ship goods to Australia cheaply by sea or by air. Each form of shipment will have its own superior and limited advantages, depending on the nature of the customer’s order and related information. We will advise the most appropriate form of transportation, ensure the sender saves costs and shortens waiting time.

Can milk coffee be sent to Australia?

According to the information we mentioned above, dairy products and preparations cannot be sent abroad, including Australia. So milk coffee cannot be sent to Australia, because in the package coffee contains the ingredient as milk, so the product will not be sent to Australia.

Can you send a bird’s nest?

Yen or some food, pharmaceuticals on the restricted list of shipments from Vietnam abroad can still be sent, but depending on the order, depending on the time and the number of dispatch is extremely limited.

For exactly whether the customer’s goods are available at the present time, please contact the counselor.

When sending goods to Australia, do senders need to do any procedural papers?

In fact, the Luxury Express staff will assist in completing the papers, procedures, documents, for all guest orders, so the sender will not need to take the procedure step, paperwork. Because of years of experience and knowledge of handling customer issues, the company will support customers as much as possible, Help orders be processed quickly, secure inventory.

Is it possible to send a variety of goods at the same time?

Guests can send a variety of products from Vietnam to Australia. In an order, a carton can contain all foods of the same nature. For example, orders are dry goods, products such as dry food, clothing, and fashion goods can still be put together in a carton.

As well as if the customer has more fragile goods the goods will have to close separately to ensure that the shipping process is safest.

Luxury Express is one of the most prestigious, professional, low-cost shipping companies that ensure the goods arrive at the recipient’s hands as soon as possible. If there is a need to ship goods from Vietnam abroad, please contact our company for assistance and attentive service.

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