Cheap rates for shipping to the UK

At Luxury Express, when customers ship to the UK, the July 2022 rates are publicly transparent. Commit reasonable costs, prices only from 300k/sign, receive goods door to door.

Table Price Step Row to UK 2022 price only from 300k/kg

Shipment to the UK usually has an additional import cost ( this fee will be clearly stated by us in the following section ). Luxury Express will rely on the nature of the order such as: quantity / volume, type of cargo, … to determine shipping costs. Below is the price list for shipping to the UK at the time we write the article, which may vary from time to time of year.

– Weight / volume of goods:

Actual weight means how your row, put on the scale, how many numbers does it apply. However, the weight is only suitable for small and small orders.

As for bulky goods, many goods need to measure dimensions to change to volume of goods. Formula: length * width * height takes the result divided by 5000. When giving the result of the calculation, we take that number to apply to the price list for shipping to the UK.

For example, the actual weight of the clothing order you send is 10 kilograms, but the weight of the calculation is 13 kilograms. So we take number 13 to calculate shipping costs.

– Properties ( classification ) goods:

In the note in the shipping price list, we specify, this rate does not apply to high value items, or pharmaceuticals. The reason is that because these two types of goods that are often sent to the UK will be charged an extra charge, and have a higher shipping fee than regular goods.

Therefore, for those who send customers to the UK with special goods that need to be contacted for specific advice and quotes.

What is the import fee tax?

Import fee means the type of fee that the UK consignee needs to pay during delivery. And this fee does not belong to the responsibility or regulation of Luxury Express, but to the UK import and export industry.

They stipulate what goods pay taxes, how weight / weight is, they pay taxes … and not all cases need to pay taxes, More or less taxes also depend on each order, each time.

There are many shippers to the UK at Luxury Express who responded that: “ Dear sister, why the goods spent 3 times before were not subject to import tax, This time her husband was there saying he had to pay extra money, she did not understand ”.

And the answer is the content we just explained. Import duties are not under the control of employees or Luxury Express companies. Therefore, we cannot answer exactly how many taxes, how much they are paid, how they are calculated…

Export fee tax gĐiệnI’m in line to England

If the import tax is related to the consignee in the UK, then the export tax will involve the sender in Vietnam. This tax is usually based on the value of the goods. If guests declare high values, pay high taxes, and vice versa, make little money, pay less.

However, it should be noted at 1 point, if the customer declines a reduction in the value of the goods to save costs, when the goods are in trouble, For example, losing goods, you will be compensated at the declared value, not the actual value.

How to close goods gĐiệni go i go i

When using the UK shipping service, one of the most important stitches customers should note is the packaging of goods. Careful packaging will help limited goods be at risk such as damage, broken tanks during transportation.

The following is the standard packaging applied at the warehouse that Luxury Express staff often support customers:

Products of goods sent with glass, or ceramics

These are items that are on the list of fragile goods such as ceramics, flower jars, pictures with glass, statues, light bulbs… How to pack these goods needs to be careful and sure. Staff will use foam paper, this paper is resilient, withstand the impact to wrap on each product and then put into the carton packed from the outside.

Goods are electronic equipment

Electronic devices and components such as phones, laptops, computers, cameras, camcorders and other accessories, they range in sizes ranging from small to large, and are easily damaged or broken when under strong impact during shipment to the UK. Therefore, we also use cushioning materials that are air bubbles that surround the product, then use tape to stick the columns around the product, Put on hard carton to ensure during shipping.

Packing of liquid containing goods

With some liquid containers, packaging is extremely important, avoiding the outflow of the outside affecting the order. Typically, they will be packed in a wooden crate or tin container, In the bin there will be gaps in the middle to insert liquid suction material and ensure the aviation breaks during travel. In addition, there are additional shock-proof materials that support the goods to arrive safely.

Packing of goods when customers send goods to the UK for regular goods will be free. As for goods packed with wooden crates, we will contact the packaging unit for best assistance.

GĐiệni goods to England, what do guests need to prepare?

When sending goods from Vietnam to the UK, the sender needs to prepare the following elements:

Prepare orders sent to England:

Guests should prepare orders to dispatch to the UK in accordance with the laws and regulations of the shipping industry, namely the Luxury Express company unit. Orders will be packed with cartons or any type of carton, Because when the stock arrives there will be an additional inspection and packaging officer, guests do not need to pack it carefully.

Prepare identity card:

All customers who use the service from Vietnam to the UK through Luxury Express need a identity card. It could be the original, the photo or the image is fine.

Prepare money to pay for shipping to the UK:

Goods before leaving warehouse will need to pay shipping costs. Based on the nature of the customer’s order, we will have a price list and reasonable cost on each order. Guests can prepare financially to pay cash, or transfer it.

GĐiệni goods How long does it take you?

The time goods travel from Vietnam to England ranges from 7 to 10 working days. At some point, goods can reach the recipient faster than the expected time of 5 to 7 business days. This is the earliest time of arrival for the form of British freight by air.

Because it is expected time, it is possible that the actual time will be longer or earlier, We will always support our best to get the fastest order.

Items sent to England

At Luxury Express, customers can send a wide range of goods from Vietnam to the UK, namely items such as:

Paper postage: types of papers, vouchers, personal belongings, documents, books…

Food: dried foods such as wrappers, dried sorghum, seaweed, nuts, dried fruits, rice paper, polycum…

Cosmetics: many people send cosmetics to the UK such as cleanser, body lotion, nail tools, hair care tools, skin care…

Common items: send goods to the UK with a variety of casual goods such as clothes, shoes, bags, accessories..

Electronic goods: types of components, computer accessories, phones and some other electronics…

In addition, guests can also send fragile items of goods difficult to send from Vietnam to the UK through the safe and fast Luxury Express company easily.

Items do not accept gĐiệni go i go i

Although Luxury Express sends unlimited shipping and accepts a variety of packages of goods, but still operates in accordance with state laws and airline regulations – specializing in transporting goods from Vietnam to the UK.

Here are the types of goods not allowed to be sent to the UK in any way:

  • Foods containing meat, eggs, and milk are not allowed to be sent to the UK whether they are intact or inoculant.
  • Goods that are difficult to send or limit quantities such as turkeys, canaries or some rare and poisonous goods.
  • Goods that violate the laws of the Vietnamese and British states such as explosives, ammunition bombs, products affecting the economy, society of both countries…

For exact customer orders that can be sent to the UK safely and quickly, please contact the counselor. The counselor will assist the customer in verifying which goods the customer can send, and which goods do not accept sending to the UK.

Service commitment gĐiệni goods to England of Luxury Express

When using shipping services at Luxury Express, we will make commitments, guaranteeing our customers, especially benefits.

Commit the goods to the address recipient, correct order, and time

The important thing of a shipping unit is that the goods arrive at the recipient’s hands safely, on the right order as sent and on time as expected. To create trust for those who are about to have the opportunity to partner with Luxury Express, We must fulfill this commitment to those who have used the shipping service through our company.

Indemnify if an error occurs

The case of an error is not desirable, but Luxury Express is willing to provide 50% support for the loss and damage of the order, If this case occurs. Or for those who have purchased a health insurance package, the refund fee will be 100%.

Sign up for shipping to the UK will support from A to Z

Whenever customers need staff will always be supported and present, handling all the problems guests are having. Orders that have difficulty in the procedure, customs, UK delivery or tax payment are supported.

There are publicly available price lists

The price list that customers send to the UK will match the order and match each element that Luxury Express operates. Employees will report transparent public price lists, with the lowest fees for bulk shipping orders.

The courier company goes to England

Luxury Express cooperates with three express delivery carriers to send goods to Vietnam to the UK with the most affordable cost:

– DHL is a low-cost carrier specializing in sending goods from Vietnam to the UK, and guests can ship wholesale goods at an odd price.

 UPS is a company specializing in support of people with business needs to ship goods from Vietnam to the UK in large quantities. Because of the high shipping, the cost will be cheaper than other countries, others.

– FedEx is a company specializing in shipping Vietnamese fake goods to the UK. These goods are fake goods, the unknown aviation source can still be safely sent through Luxury Express. However, the order if a mistake occurs, the sender will be solely responsible for this.

Cost saving tips gĐiệnI’m in line to England

Regardless of who sends goods abroad, it is desirable to save on shipping costs. However, in terms of ship fees it is the general situation of the market. Most are transported by air so the cost will be higher than the sea.

If you want to save shipping costs, the sender has 2 ways:


It may not sound right because of how to increase the number of shipments and reduce costs, but if the analysis is a bit deep, we will understand the problem. Specifically as follows:

For example, the customer who sends 1 order is clothes to go to England with a weight of about 5 kilograms, the cost for 5 kilograms is 1,685,000. Calculate each sign about 337k. But if the guest sends 20 kilograms to the UK, the total cost is 6,235,000, counting each signing is about 311k.

It doesn’t seem too different by the amount. But if the guest sends 100 kilograms, then surely the amount will be significantly reduced. This will help depositors save money on British shipping very effectively.

Gom order to send

For business people, increasing the number of shipments to the UK is easy, which can increase the number to reduce costs. But for those who, they only send a few kilograms to relatives and friends over there, how to increase the number.

The simple tip is that the guest can ask the children of England if anyone needs to ship from Vietnam? If so, the housing house in Vietnam will again send an order, when the goods arrive in the UK, the recipient “ self-division property ”. This is an extremely simple trick that is effective in saving the cost of shipping abroad.

Obviously, if such cooperation is possible, the customer will expand his relationship ( to support each other if the latter needs to ), at the same time reduce transportation costs to the maximum.

Notes when gĐiệnI’m in line to England

When shipping to the UK, the sender should note the following to be proactive in shipping, grasping a lot of relevant information:

+ Delivery time, after 7-10 business days:

Luxury Express consigns goods to European countries by air. If previously, when COVID has not occurred, the delivery time is always fast, within 2-3 days, no later than 5 days. But because recently, covid “ dominates the market ” which directly affects the shipping industry, the delivery time is extended. This is the general situation of the shipping market.

+ Allows sending UK many different items:

Customers can send a variety of goods, for example; bulky goods, common goods, special goods … and lots of other items. Mainly sent items abroad such as: clothing, bags, dry food, country specialties, parts, accessories, country gifts,…

Note, it is not allowed to send prohibited items as prescribed. Includes shipping industry regulations, and regulations of two countries in Vietnam and the United Kingdom. Therefore, the sender needs to accurately declare the order, avoiding the case of aviation being cleared due to this violation.

+ Free vacuum packaging at Luxury Express

The Luxury Express warehouse staff supports guests to pack goods, vacuuming completely free. Besides, support to the guest house to pick up goods, if guests have needs. These are great utilities when you need to ship to the UK at Luxury Express. Hope to help senders feel professional in the service of the company.

Frequently asked questions in line to England

When using the UK shipping service through Luxury Express, the sender will have a lot of questions, namely the following:

Is there support to the restaurant?

Luxury Express staff in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will assist in reaching the customer’s home.

How is the ship service door to door?

Guests will receive goods in the UK through the form of door to door, which means orders are received at the door or in hand. The employee will contact the recipient before the delivery is delivered.

Shipper outside the province, how to send ship to warehouse?

The main warehouse of Luxury Express company in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh areas, in case guests cannot come to send directly at the warehouse, There will be two ways to store goods:

– Use local cargo ship service, economical delivery, fast delivery, or shipping via traditional Vietnamese post office.

– Shipment via the dock in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh. Staff will arrive at the dock to assist with obtaining goods for guests.

How to save on shipping costs to the UK

Shipment to the UK or any country is supported with cost incentives for large orders. The best way is that you should increase the number of outgoing goods to save money.

The customer needs to ship goods to the UK or any European and Asian country, just contact the Luxury Express company staff. The delivery will be favorable, the documents, documents, procedures will be supported from A->Z, ensuring the recipient will receive the goods quickly, and the sender will be assured with his order.

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