Send goods to Singapore cheap

Cheap shipping to Singapore is only 49k/1kg, 100% cargo insurance if lost. Many offers for guests to experience the service. Paperwork, free packing.

The demand for consignment to Singapore of Vietnamese people is increasing, so there are many services that receive postage to Singapore that are widely used by many people. Specifically as:
– Shipment via Singapore via post office:
The post office now has international cargo ship support, and the post office fee to Singapore Luxury Express is not clear, as this is the post office’s regulation. However, compared to the market, the post office price is still high. Moreover, when shipping to Singapore via post office is restricted to the item, the delivery time is slow….
– Send items from Vietnam to Singapore through the Luxury Express company shipping service:
Luxury Express receives fast, safe, cheap shipping to Singapore. And our service has been used by many Vietnamese, believe it. Because of its prestigious company brand, partnering with many businesses, shop owners in Vietnam and Singapore in particular, internationally in general.
The quarter can use one of the Singapore shipping ways that Luxury Express suggests. In the content of the article below, Luxury Express will advertise the company’s brand, as well as provide customers with price lists from Vietnam to Singapore. Interested readers please read on.
Luxury Express is the leading international shipping unit in Vietnam today, with the strength of a overseas shipping service such as: shipping to the US, Ship to Japan, ship to Taiwan, … cheap, fast, professional. With the motto “Forever devotion” Luxury Express is constantly perfecting and providing utility services to customers.
Luxury Express receives safe shipping to Singapore, receiving goods after 2 days
Why use the shipping service to Singapore at Luxury Express?
If you want to ship goods to Singapore cheap, fast, safe, choose Singapore freight service at Luxury Express is the best solution. Reason many people choose Luxury Express:
– 100% insurance of the value of goods on transport:
Luxury Express has a cargo insurance package that helps ensure customer benefits when shipping to Singapore. If the order occurs loss, loss, damage or any problem occurs, Luxury Express will 100% compensation for the order value. These are company terms and regulations, ensuring customer benefits.
– Delivery in just 2 days:
In just 2 days from the day Luxury Express receives stock in TPHCM and Hanoi. This is the fastest receiving time, so to speak, is super speed. With this time, recipients on the Singapore side will receive express goods, saving waiting time. And more importantly, meet the requirements for Singapore shipping orders with the desire to speed up.
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