Price list for cheap Canadian shipping

Price list for cheap Canadian shipping, saving up to 20% on customers%. For an accurate price list for shipping to Canada and the promotion ( if there is ), the guest can contact the hotline directly.

For each order, before being sent to Canada we will weigh the actual weight of the order and measure the volume of volume of goods. After calculating and converting the volume to weight, which higher number will be selected by Luxury Express as the volume of the order.

If a customer sends a customer from Vietnam to Canada for items such as books, screws, or heavy goods, the cost will be calculated by actual weight.

For bulky goods like art supplies, pictures or products of light weight but large size will be calculated by = length x width x height and divided by 5000.

Note: Goods shipped, sent from Vietnam to Canada may be subject to import duties. The high or low tax rate and how will depend on the address of the recipient

Example of charging a freight to Canada through Luxury Express:

The guest has an order of 1 carton of noodles. After receiving the goods, the employee will pack if necessary, ensuring the packaging is in accordance with the airline’s standards, ensure when the goods are shipped and received by Canada to ensure safety, the plaintiff, not broken.

– First the employee will weigh the weight of the order, resulting in 10 kg.

– The employee will then check and measure the volume of the container according to the formula: length x width x height divided by 5,000. The result is 13 kg.

Comparison between the actual weight of the order is 10kg and the weight when converted is 13 kg. Company employees will take the highest result meaning 13kg for a client’s order.

When relying on a fee schedule for shipping to Canada at Luxury Express, we will take 13kg of cargo to charge rather than the actual weight of 10 kg. As such, through the example we mentioned above, you have a clear understanding of how to charge. Where not well understood please contact the Luxury Express consulting staff for best assistance.

Price list gĐiệni goods to Canada at Luxury Express

When talking about freight, which emphasizes two words “ cheap ”, how cheap is that? How much is cheap? The fact shows that freight charges for shipping to Canada are now at an appropriate level. Compared to a few years ago, the cost of components was somewhat higher, because covid was happening. But compared to the shipping industry market, the Luxury Express option still allows you to save a lot more costs.

Factors that govern the cost of shipping to Canada

Before giving specific numbers to customers moving to Canada, we need to know more about how the factor dominates this number.

– What is the amount / volume sent:

All freight industries currently charge ship based on volume or quantity ( weight ). And the offer for every customer at Luxury Express is “ increasing the number – reducing costs”. To put it more simply, if you send a lot of orders, the cost charged above 1 sign will th

– Properties of sent goods:

Next is the commodity classification. We can ship goods to Canada with a variety of different types of goods, for example, regular, special, bulky, or fragile orders… and it is clear that customers who send it easy to move, easy clearance will have a lower cost than the rest.

Therefore, it is possible that the price list sent to Canada is one, but the cost of customers to pay will not be the same.

– A few other costs incurred:

The costs that may arise during the transport of goods to Canada are import duties, export taxes, VAT charges… These numbers the sender will be supported by SALE staff, advising before dispensing.

Price list shipped to Canada at the present time

At a time when COVID 19 is spreading globally, outgoing shipping will certainly face some difficulties. And often the difficulty will come with increased ship cost. Especially shipped to Canada or to European countries.

Regulations on packaging goods gĐiệni go to Canada

In order for a customer’s order to send Canada a safe claim, Packing procedures need to be guaranteed in accordance with the airline’s standards and in accordance with the items the customer sends. At Luxury Express, we pack the goods as carefully, thoughtfully and in detail as possible.

Step 1 vacuum if necessary:

For products that need vacuuming such as: foods that want to extend their use or bulky goods that want to save area. At the company’s warehouse, Luxury Express has a free vacuum cleaner available for all customers to use.

Step 2 wrap the covers further if necessary.

For fragile items, we will use assistive devices to wrap additional products, make orders shockproof and secure, plaintiff when coming to Canada.

Step 3 select the appropriate cardboard or foam sandbox

Orders can be packed with available cardboard sandbins, or foam bins depending on the type of goods the customer sends. Some orders that can be compact or small will be closed into small boxes, and vice versa the huge rows will be packed into huge bins to ensure they fit.

For some fragile or special-quality orders will be packed with wooden crates. When packed with wooden crates, this means that the cost of shipping to Canada will be higher than other items. However, they ensure safety, especially reduce shock and thus reach the recipient’s safe hands in Canada.


The customer’s order when packed at Luxury Express is completely free. Will be assisted by staff from the cargo package, cargo inspection and safe packaging only the most cycle. For customers who need to pack with wooden crates, we will contact other packers for best assistance.

The reasons you should choose Luxury Express to gĐiệni goods to Canada

When shipping to Canada cheaply at Luxury Express, which many people notice and cooperate with the company for a long time, is not really about the price. Because if compared to the market, not really Luxury Express is the cheapest. So what motivates you to choose Luxury Express?

– Receiving goods door to door:

After the flight arrives at the airport in Canada, there will be airport staff checking, composing and ship straight to the guest house. This is a professional service, so every service is the most thoughtful, professional.

– Ship to Canada super speed:

Guest orders are shipped to Canada by air. Therefore the delivery time will be in the range of 7-10 business days. Orders are shipped as quickly as possible.

– Free packaging, vacuum, voucher:

All guest orders are free of charge * except packed with wooden crates *, vacuuming for food, and testify for cosmetic orders.

Note, Foods need vacuum to ensure safety and nutritional integrity when goods are shipped to Canada. Besides, there is also a reduction in area when packing the carton. And vacuuming at Luxury Express is completely supported, so you can safely use the service.

– Support for customs declaration:

Customs declarations can be honest with order value, or a small / multiple difference depending on the customer. For example, guests who want to reduce taxes, can declare low commodity values.

But when there is a risk during the shipment to Canada, the compensation will be based on the initial customer’s declaration. Therefore, consider or receive additional advice from experienced sale staff.

– 100% dangerous when shipping to Canada:

Shipment to Canada or any country at Luxury Express is covered. Policy of specific insurance packages:

+ Temple of 100% of the value of goods for insurance participants, the violation error belongs to the freight unit to Canada Luxury Express.

+ Refund 50% of the value of goods to non-insured guests of any kind.

Note, the amount will be based on the customer’s customs declaration. And all terms were consulted by the counselor before shipment, receiving the sender’s approval.

– Dedicated service, dedicated advice:

In addition to the above strengths, Perhaps we will not be able to overlook a factor that makes all customers happy to use our service. Specifically: the dedication and thoughtfulness of the consulting staff.

With the motto “ Loss of heart, be satisfied after ”. We, when advising customers who send to Canada, will specifically advise each issue, from how to travel, how to save costs, until the terms of the two sides, … thanks to that dedication, customers will not misunderstand the service, and comfortably cooperate with us.

Besides, when the customer’s order is in trouble, the company staff will provide assistance as much as possible, helping the client’s order be cleared, to the earliest recipient.

Items allowed gĐiệni go to Canada

Canada, as well as other European and American countries, when shipping, senders need to check, Is your item on the shipping list. Here are the items usually sent to Canada:

– Clothing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, dry food, casual goods, accessories, handicrafts, designer goods, handmade…

– Goods for gift making such as paintings, antiques, memorial items, traditional costumes, letters, papers, documents, records, photos…

And many other items are sent to Canada safely and quickly through the Luxury Express shipping service.

Prohibited items gĐiệni go to Canada

In parallel with the items sent to Canada, the sender should also be aware of the prohibited goods. For example:

– Prohibited by state regulations:

For state regulations, items that are prohibited from circulation, transporting any form are severely handled. Specifically: stimulant drugs, guns, bombs, cutlery…

– Prohibition as prescribed by the shipping industry:

In the freight industry, Canada still has regulations on prohibited goods. For example, meat, eggs, and milk will be banned. Whether the whole or the prepared is not allowed to be sent. This affects human health in your country so the Canadian government strictly prohibits it.

Although not goods are prohibited from dispatch, frozen foods, fresh goods… You cannot send to Canada through the Luxury Express service.

Procedure gĐiệni goods to Canada

When customers need to send to Canada through Luxury Express, please refer to the following simple steps:

Step 1 contact in online form

People with a need to ship goods from Vietnam to Canada please contact in the form of online through the following ways we recommend:

When contacting in the form of online will help senders save time, actively learn information more effectively.

Please provide the necessary information to specific Luxury Express company employees such as: Which item are you in need of to send, What is the estimated quantity or weight, specific shipping address in Canada. And the shipper’s information goes to Canada.

Step 2 staff receive and process information

Our staff assist clients with online and offline advice 24/7, ensuring a full range of information is required by guests. Upon receipt of customer information, we will advise on the price list sent to Canada and notes on the item allowed to ship the prohibited item.

We always create the best favorable conditions for guests to ship goods to Canada the safest, easiest and fastest.

Step 3 to ship the warehouse

The company has two main warehouses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City area. For busy and located customers in the inner city area, staff will provide home support for packaging and stocking. For customers in provincial areas, not in the Luxury Express warehouse, guests can ship goods by car branch, post office or local cargo ship service.

Where guests wish to ship their own hands, please contact the company staff for the address and time of delivery at the warehouse.

Step 4 packed freight charges for shipping to Canada

Goods after being sent back to the warehouse will be checked and packed again by company staff, if necessary. At this time, the staff measures, calculating the shipping cost to Canada on each order. Each order will have different shipping costs, because the nature of the goods varies, the weight of the size and the weight are different.

The customer will pay the cost of shipping at the warehouse or in the form of a transfer.

Note: Luxury Express only accepts orders that have paid for in Vietnam and has moved goods from Vietnam to Canada.

Step 5 receives goods in Canada

Typically, the time of delivery in Canada will range from 7 to 10 business days, from goods released from the city of the smart lake or Hanoi. The order will be delivered door to door, each order may be charged an additional import tax and this tax is set by the customer’s consignment address, Luxury Express does not support or interfere with import tax issues.

After receiving the successful order, the customer will check if there are any errors made by Luxury Express company staff, or due to shipping, Please respond for assistance and resolve the handling of errors.

Commitment of Luxury Express

Luxury Express is one of the units specializing in shipping from Vietnam to abroad to different countries around the world. As a reputable unit, working long-term in the shipping industry, we are committed to our customers with the following items:

Orders are delivered to the recipient

After shipment to Canada is completed, the goods have flown in the Canadian region, staff from the airport will proceed with the cargo ship to the consignee address previously provided by the sender. We will deliver the goods at the door, or deliver the recipient’s hands-on depending on the covid translation situation 19.

Goods to safety, receive supplies

The packaging and paperwork procedures are supported by Luxury Express company staff, This process is very simple and ensures that the goods will reach the recipient’s safe, original, without errors such as broken tanks, damage or loss, loss. From the time of receiving shipping from Vietnam to countries around the world, very little % of customer order problems occur, so senders rest assured and when choosing the service of Luxury Express.

Indemnify if an error occurs

A very clear commitment when customers use the shipping service to Canada through the Luxury Express company is, If anything goes wrong with the fault of the Luxury Express company, we are willing to compensate the guests. For orders that have participated in the insurance package, the compensation cost will be 100% of the total order value. This value is usually declared by the customer in the customs declaration area.

As for orders not participating in the insurance package, we will base on the damage situation of guests to divide 50-50, means we are 50% responsible and the customer will be 50% responsible%.

Get the fastest goods

Typically, the time of delivery in Canada will range from 7 to 10 business days, We do not set a specific timeline because goods received in Canada will be based on many other objective factors. However, the company will ensure that the customer’s order is sent as quickly as the courier, the goods will reach the recipient at the earliest time.

Can gĐiệni my goods to which states in Canada?

Luxury Express is one of the units that send goods to the nooks and crannies of the world. Therefore, guests can ship goods from Vietnam to Canada through all states and territories in Canada.

Statistically, Canada has up to 10 states and 3 territories, we allow customer orders to go to every corner of the states in the Canadian region. Whatever geographic location, as long as the guest provides the correct recipient’s information, the order will be received securely, quickly and properly, right place.

GĐiệni goods to Canada is the price high?

There are many people who wonder: do not know whether shipping from Vietnam to Canada is high? Actually, Considering the geographical location between Vietnam and Canada is quite far away so the form of freight needs to be traveled by air the new goods Come to the recipient quickly, and safely.

Therefore, the cost of shipping goods from Vietnam to Canada will be higher than in other countries. However, we will rely on many different factors to give specific figures on shipping costs.

If you are interested in rates, please contact your Luxury Express company staff for an accurate quote on each guest order.

Tips to save on shipping costs from Vietnam to Canada:

Currently, Luxury Express is offering preferential discount programs for Vietnamese goods business customers in the Canadian region. We will discount about 10% on the total customer order when the orders are shipped in bulk. The more orders are sent, the less the cost will be reduced to help the sender save a lot of cost.

In fact, Luxury Express always helps customers get the lowest, most suitable rates. Therefore, we will rely on a lot of factors including the evaluation market to give guaranteed numbers to the most profitable customers.

Notes when gĐiệni goods to Canada

Want your order to go fast – safe – cheap, the sender needs to grasp some of the following rules:

Send as much price as you reduce

Reduce shipping and shipping costs to Canada by increasing the number of consignments when sending to increase the number while your dispatch needs are few, Contact your Luxury Express staff directly to assist with the order pairing.

Do not send prohibited goods to Canada

Be sure to yourself that your goods are not on the list of prohibited items. Don’t be sure with us, be sure with yourself, this will be more accurate and honest.

Provide the most accurate information

In addition, the sender should provide the most accurate receipt information, avoiding the event of additional costs incurred due to “ providing false information ”. The sender reconfirms with the recipient and makes sure the information is completely accurate.

Fastest delivery

When the receiving customer’s order is sent to Canada, we will be responsible for delivering door to door to the customer. And if the order case occurs regardless of the problem, the sender will be best supported, handled the fastest.

But in case, we notify customers “ The items of the siblings are not allowed to send out ”, meaning that either way they cannot be cleared. Therefore, senders respect the company’s working criteria, and vice versa, Company employees will also try to provide full support so that guest orders are sent the fastest and safest.

Frequently asked questions when gĐiệni goods to Canada

Over the years of shipping from Vietnam to Canada and many other countries around the world, we have a lot of questions from our customers, Specifically as follows:

When shipping to Canada what to prepare?

The customer only needs to prepare the order, prepare the address, consignee information in Canada and the shipper in Vietnam. We need information to be able to contact the issues directly if any arises.

Besides, the sender also needs to prepare a identity card, in case there is a folding we will contact easily for quick resolution.

What items are not sent to Canada?

In accordance with the laws and regulations of the air transport industry, we will not accept orders containing banned substances, stimulants and substances harmful to human health and life. Besides, items that are raw foods like meat, eggs, and milk cannot be sent to Canada for safety reasons for user health.

What items are allowed to ship to Canada

We receive diverse shipments from Vietnam to Canada for food, clothing, fashion goods, fine art, postage, papers, documents, accessories, appliances, personal belongings, keepsakes and lots of other items.

What is the minimum weight for an order sent to Canada?

Minimum Canadian customers for an order of 500 grams and maximum are unlimited. We always support retail customers to Canada and bulk shippers, ensuring full user needs are met.

What is the shipping tax to Canada?

In Vietnam, guests will not need to pay taxes when shipping to Canada. However, upon receipt in Canada it is possible that the recipient will have to pay import duty. This tax will be imposed by the state in Canada, in the consignment area not covered by the Luxury Express company.

There are orders that also ship at the same time but will not be taxed and vice versa. Therefore, import duties are usually not fixed and may or may not be closed.

When something goes wrong, what will the customer do?

If the order is long, the order will not reach the recipient in Canada or any incident such as loss, loss or damage to the goods, Shipper and consignee please contact Luxury Express company staff, reading the order code will be resolved quickly and promptly.

Luxury Express is one of the companies specializing in shipping to Canada and many countries around the world to ensure the most prestigious and quality. If you are in need of shipping from Vietnam to countries around the world, Please contact our company for effective shipping and consulting support.

Contact your Luxury Express company staff immediately in the following forms for assistance with shipping to Canada cheaply, getting door to door goods quickly.

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