“Give the best service”

Luxury Express Company (LXRY VN) is a unit specializing in inland freight in Vietnam throughout countries around the world. Some countries are sent by many shippers such as USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, South Korea…

With the market for the freight industry developing as strongly as it is today, large and small companies are constantly born. But not every unit meets customer criteria: professional, fast and cheap. Meanwhile, Luxury Express (LXRY VN) is a unit trusted by many odd and wholesale customers who regularly use the service.

Come to the company Luxury Express, customers will save time, costs, and ensure satisfaction with the quality of service of our staff.


Luxury Express countries ship

Luxury Express (LXRY VN) receive a variety of goods ( from dry food to household appliances, personal belongings, dry food … ) to more than 200 countries worldwide. The most common number of customers sending countries is the US, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China …. and many other countries.

Speed pick up time

The time of delivery will depend on the destination country and the form of shipping. At Luxury Express (LXRY VN), customer orders are mainly shipped by air to ensure the fastest possible:

  • For Asian countries: the time of delivery usually ranges from 1-5 days ( depending on the country ).
  • For European countries: The time of delivery usually ranges from 2-7 days ( depending on the country ).

The quarter has a need to use fast, cheap international shipping, please contact company staff Luxury Express (LXRY VN) for the best support.

Working time: 2-6: 8h-12h and 13h30-17h; Saturday working morning 8h-12h