Price list for cheap Korean shipping

The 2022 Korean shipping price list at Luxury Express has preferential rates for bulk shipping orders. Customers >20 sign, the cost per sign is only 150k. The quarter-tour updated the latest price list in 2022 via the following article.

When there is a need to ship goods from Vietnam to South Korea through Luxury Express, the sender needs to prepare the following procedures:

Prepare orders according to the rules

Goods should be prepared in accordance with the laws of the state of Vietnam and South Korea, At the same time, according to the regulations of the shipping industry is sea and air. You need to carefully read the shipping industry’s own regulations to prepare the safest, most efficient goods.

Prepare identity card

Any customer who cooperates and uses the shipping service through Luxury Express requires a identity card. In particular, for those who first use the service to have identity card, we have just provided assistance. Guests can simply provide photo identity card, or photos are okay.

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