Cheap shipping to Japan – Price list 1/2022

Cheap shipping service to Japan is only 250k/1kg, receive goods after 7 – 10 days. 100% refund if lost goods. Send a variety of hard-to-show goods.

In the face of the emergence of many shipping services to Japan today, it has enabled users to choose better. In particular, cheap service is always a top priority for every user.

In the names that specialize in providing leading Japanese shipping service, Vietnam is now indispensable. With over 10 years of international shipping experience, we are fully capable of responding to all requests for our guests’ requests to send supplies to Japan. Therefore, Luxury Express deserves the number 1 choice for those who are looking for a prestigious cheap Japanese shipping service.

During its operation, Luxury Express constantly accumulates experience and improves the quality of its shipping service. At Luxury Express, all issues related to sending your stuff to Japan will be most satisfactorily addressed. Specifically:

– You don’t have much experience in using the shipping service to Japan?

At Luxury Express, experienced, professional customer care staff will listen and answer your questions in detail, clear and timely. In particular, the hotline switchboard 0901 01 86 86 and email operate 24/7, whenever there is a need you can contact Luxury Express, whether Sunday or holiday.

– Are you worried about restricting items sent to Japan?

With a thickness of international shipping experience, Luxury Express receives unrestricted shipping to Japan, type of cargo, … ( except prohibited items, goods that violate the law). From sending food to Japan to difficult-to-shipping items such as cosmetics, electronics, fragile goods,…

– Are you afraid of complicated Japanese shipping procedures?

Luxury Express eliminates all your concerns by improving the procedure for shipping to Japan to the maximum – friendly and easy to use for any customer audience. Now shipping to Japan is only encapsulated in one phone call or an email to Luxury Express. All stitches during the transfer process, sent have our staff done on your behalf.

– After how long the goods are successfully delivered in Japan?

Currently, Luxury Express offers a variety and flexibility of shipping service packages to Japan. Depending on the cargo characteristics and the time needs of the guest quarter, Luxury Express will have appropriate and effective suggestions. Moreover, with international shipping experience, our staff are able to solve all problems that arise quickly and thoroughly. Your order will be delivered approximately 3-5 business days.

– You are concerned about the risks of shipping to Japan

This is not redundant at all. Because in the process of international transport it is difficult to avoid the risks. However, at Luxury Express those risks will be minimized by the commodity insurance policy. At the same time, this is also a commitment to protect the rights of the carrier to service users. If during the delivery process via Japan there is an incident affecting your order, we will consider and compensate the customer adequately.

– Are you interested in shipping prices to Japan?

In order to assist customers in economical and efficient delivery, Luxury Express offers a cheap Japanese-to-Japan shipping service with a competitive pricing policy, clear and transparent. In particular, with our freight calculation, the more customers send, the more savings we save. Close customers will regularly apply the shipping fee to Japan.

Procedure gĐiệni goods to Japan at Luxury Express

When there is a need to use a shipping service to Japan at Luxury Express, you please follow the following instructions:

– Step 1:

To register for use of the Japanese shipping service at Luxury Express, you please contact hotline 09 01 01 86 86 or email Our staff will assist with consulting and service quotes for you.

– Step 2:

If agreed with the rates and terms set by Luxury Express, please prepare the goods to be shipped to Japan. Our staff will assist with receiving goods by the place or you can actively bring to the office of Luxury Express. Note, as soon as we receive the goods, the customer will pay the shipping fee to Japan.

– Step 3:

After you complete the payment, Luxury Express staff assist with order checking, carefully packaging and shipping to Japan.

– Step 4:

When the goods arrive in Japan, Luxury Express supports delivery to your required location.

GĐiệni goods go to Japan can gĐiệni which items?

The service to ship to Japan at Luxury Express receives the transfer, delivery of the following items:

– Food group sent to Japan:

Including dry food items such as: dried seafood ( dried fish, dried shrimp, dried squid, … ), dried fruit, dried noodles, dried bamboo shoots, dried bamboo shoots, bread packs, non-meat-related cakes, eggs, milk ( vegetarian-free middle-class breads, running side cakes, … ), spice goods ( spice-cooked tablets, noodles, hèn huynh, vegetarian wedge seeds, chutney, … ), tea, coffee, cashews, rice paper,…

– Send Cosmetics to Japan:

Luxury Express consigns to Japan with products with clear brand labels, creamy, lotion, paper masks, gel products, etc,…

– Electronic group of electrical goods –:

Includes items like watches, phones, laptops, tablets, etc,…

– Personal consumer goods group:

Includes items such as clothing, shoes, accessories, handicrafts, books, decorative items, label stamps, paper boxes, etc,…

– Group of fragile, difficult-to-show goods:

Fragile goods: including items made of ceramics, glass, fragile materials such as cups, plates, vases, etc,…

Group of difficult-to-send goods: including powders such as turmeric, green tea powder,…

Note: All items sent best need a clear label and origin.

Why service gĐiệni goods to Japan in Vietnam flourished?

Currently, Japan is the settlement option of many people in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. The economy is first-class, extremely unique in culture, extremely ideal living conditions,… is what made the English flower land of England a dreamland for the settlement of many people. Therefore, in Vietnam, many families need to ship goods to Japan to cater to the personal consumption needs of relatives, friends, etc,…

Moreover, Japan is the country with the most number of Vietnamese workers to export labor. According to 2019 Foreign Labor Bureau data, the total number of Vietnamese workers working abroad was 142,860 workers – 30% more than planned, 6% increase compared to 2017. As such, it can be seen that the shipment to Japan also meets most of the Vietnamese workers’ demand for goods in the English-living country.

Shipment trend to Japan 2022

In addition, the trend of free trade promotes the growing demand for goods exchange between countries. In particular, Vietnam – Japan has a close diplomatic relationship with regular bilateral visits. That provides an opportunity for Vietnamese traders to promote the brand to the world. Therefore, the demand for shipping goods to Japan to cater to business and trade is increasing.

However, practically not everyone is eligible to ship goods to Japan on their own. Because the distance between Vietnam and Japan is not short, the cost of shipping to Japan is expensive, the procedure is complicated, the language barrier, … So, To send things to Japan on their own, customers may have a lot of difficulties.

In order to address the difficulties that exist and meet the growing demand for Japanese freight, Many international shipping companies have given birth to shipping services to Japan.

For more details or needs to use the shipping service to Japan at Luxury Express.

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